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The Lords Prayer - Duke Ellington - Duke Ellingtons Concert Of Sacred Music (CD, Album)

7 thoughts on “ The Lords Prayer - Duke Ellington - Duke Ellingtons Concert Of Sacred Music (CD, Album)

  1. Mar 09,  · Duke Ellington's Sacred, Spiritual Concerts In the last years of Duke Ellington's life, the jazz maestro wrote three massive works combining elements of jazz, classical music, choral music.
  2. One news story about this concert began, “Duke Ellington talked to the Lord in Grace Cathedral last night.” Ellington says, “All of us, every listener, every member of the band and chorus were talking to the Lord that night. Since then we have done sacred concerts in more than 50 houses of worship in America and Europe.
  3. Oct 06,  · When most people think of sacred music, they probably don't think of all that jazz. "I think for a long time, there was that feeling that jazz was secular. It's the Saturday night celebration of sin, and then church music is Sunday morning repentance," said Randi Von Ellefson, artistic director of Canterbury Voices. But Duke Ellington, one of jazz's greatest composers, bandleaders and.
  4. The Sacred Concerts were not written as a coherent work, but in three batches — there are 30 pieces, total — which Ellington assembled for three occasions — in , and
  5. Aug 31,  · Prom 54 – Duke Ellington's Sacred Music (Royal Albert Hall, 29 August Review by Lauren Bush) Duke Ellington’s sacred music was, to him, the most important project of his career. He was asked to perform at the opening of the Grace Cathedral in San Francisco in So, using some of his previous religious.
  6. Not up to the level of Ellington's 2nd Sacred Music Concert (which also benefits from the addition of Swedish soprano Alice Babs), this recording of the 1st Sacred Music Concert may be the best that's currently available on CD. At least it's by Ellington's own band and the "tonal personalities" for whom Duke wrote the work.5/5(6).
  7. Jul 06,  · Duke Ellington's Sacred Concert. St Paul's Cathedral, London helped save the visionary Duke Ellington from himself. The religious music that obsessed Ellington in .

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