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Blues Minor

8 thoughts on “ Blues Minor

  1. A blues scale is a six note scale based on the major or minor pentatonic with added chromatic “blue” notes. The blue notes are ♯ 4/♭5 in the minor blues scale and ♭3 in the major blues scale. The more common minor blues scale has the semitone pattern ♭♭5-♭7, and the major blues scale has the pattern ♭
  2. Blues standards are blues songs that have attained a high level of recognition due to having been widely performed and recorded. They represent the best known and most interpreted blues songs that are seen as having permanent value. Blues standards come from different eras and styles, such as ragtime-vaudeville, Delta and country blues, and urban styles from Chicago and the West Coast.
  3. Minor Blues. The minor blues scale is a staple concept for any lead guitarist to have under your fingers. Alongside the minor pentatonic scale, minor blues is often the first scale guitarists learn. Because of this, many players learn this important melodic device and then move onto other scales and modes. But.
  4. The most up-to-date breaking news for the St. Louis Blues including highlights, roster, schedule, scores and archives. Skip to Main Content The Official Site of the St. Louis Blues.
  5. A Blues Minor Pentatonic. The main difference between the 2 scales is the addition of a flatted 5th note in the blues scale. Even though there is only a difference of one note, this flatted fifth gives the blues scale its signature bluesy sound due to its dissonant nature.
  6. It may also be considered a gapped blues scale. The C minor pentatonic is C, E-flat, F, G, B-flat. The A minor pentatonic, the relative minor of C, comprises the same tones as the C major pentatonic, starting on A, giving A, C, D, E, G. This minor pentatonic contains all three tones of an A minor triad.
  7. 12 bar blues progressions in minor Standard 12 Bar Blues in Em This is one of the most standard progressions of blues in minor. You could also try to play E7 instead of Em in the last bar.
  8. Blues Scales for Piano. Adding a “blue note” to the regular Pentatonic Scale result in the Pentatonic Blues Scale. These scales are for obvious reasons perfect when playing blues on the piano. The “Major Blues Scale” is some less common than the “Minor Blues Scale”, and therefore we start with minor and you will find the major by scrolling down.

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