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Rev. M.L. Thrasher And His Gospel Singers* - Dont Forget To Pray / When We Go To Glory Land (Shellac)

9 thoughts on “ Rev. M.L. Thrasher And His Gospel Singers* - Dont Forget To Pray / When We Go To Glory Land (Shellac)

  1. Nov 20,  · Take Me From Church. The year was A traveling worship band took the stage and began singing to the Christians gathered in .
  2. The Gospel Wonders is another group you will want to add to your collection of music. This group of young men sing with a strong conviction and there is no doubt that they will be around for along time. Their chart buster is "Noah". Well, I cannot forget to mention the legends, in fact, let's call them gospel icons.
  3. Glory To Glory To Glory Fred Hammond We’re Blessed Fred Hammond Order My Steps Gospel Music Worshop God Has Smiled On Me Rev James Cleveland Lord Help Me To Hold Out Rev. James Cleveland Total Praise Richard Smallwood Center of My Joy Richard Smallwood.
  4. Jan 19,  · This “prophet” said many other crazy things, like “Don’t let your doctrine get in the way of the Holy Spirit.” What? The Holy Spirit is the author of doctrine! His listeners were eager to hear the word preached, but most didn’t go home and examine the Scriptures to see if what he said was so. We can question pastors’ actions too.
  5. “Gospel music is all about Christ,” she added, “His atoning sacrifice and what He’s done for us individually and why we love him.” The beautiful thing about a Gospel choir is that each member can have a chance to get to know and understand the Savior one-on-one and then unite their voices in praise and rejoicing of what each.
  6. Truth be told, I don't really think he cared about the game too much. It was just his way of relating to us, and we knew it and deeply appreciated it. I think that was true with all of us kids; he found some way to relate to each of us. His ability to relate to people in general was something I always admired.
  7. Sep 28,  · Don’t pray simply because you feel awkward or don’t know what else to do. Use your prayers to speak for the congregation, not just yourself. Model what theologically informed, engaged, Christ-exalting prayer looks like. Don’t mix up the members of the Trinity, and don’t pray as though God has forgotten his name. 6.
  8. Billy Graham's father, W. Frank Graham (BGEA photo archive) In May of , Billy Graham was in this barn doing his after-school chores, while on the same property, his father W. Frank Graham and a group of businessmen prayed for God to raise up an evangelist from Charlotte, N.C., to spread the Gospel to the ends of the earth. Eighty years ago this month, a group of .
  9. I am a music teacher so I DO read music. The church was the birthplace of many people learning the fundamentals of reading music. The argument that people don’t understand the notation so we don’t need it, is like saying they can’t read so we don’t need the words. You neeed to look at it and practice.

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